Missing reply button in iOS app

I just discovered the reply button is missing in the iOS app. Anyone else notice? I logged in through web browser (Firefox on Windows 10) and had no issue with seeing or using the reply button. Same Discourse forum in both instances, so I don’t think it is a rights issue. Any others on iOS notice? I am running the latest iOS 13.6 public beta that was just released last night (not iOS 14 beta for clarification).

Now that I posted on a different forum (this one), the reply button returned. Wish I’d taken a screen grab as it definitely was not available until I made this change (posted elsewhere). Intermittent bug, perhaps?

ETA: It’s back. Pic attached, no reply arrow

Can you take a full screenshot? Does it happens only in posts you own? Closed topics?

Attached screenshot. I don’t own the post. Topic is open. It’s definitely intermittent. I’ll switch into it and the reply button is there. I’ll switch to another completely discourse forum, then switch back and it’ll be missing (reply button) as seen in the attached graphic.

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I’m not seeing the same issue on the current release of iOS. Beta releases aren’t usually supported though, so we may need to wait a week or two until 13.6 gets an official release.


Wait did you try Safari on your iPhone ? Did you try safe mode in the app


Works fine in Safari without missing reply button (again beta iOS). Unsure about the CSS, I know it’s custom for the discussion board in question, but it’s definitely intermittent In the iOS Discourse app. I can go to that discussion forum and the reply button will be there and then go back 30 minutes later and it’ll be missing. Very peculiar behavior.

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Yeah we are going to have to wait on iOS getting out of beta but we will certainly look out for this issue

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Understood. Figured it’s worth getting in front of it in case it is a bug that sticks within the Golden Master of the 13.6 iOS release.

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