Missing reply icon? (Discourse Userforum)

After being verified for trust level 1, I notice that there is no reply button (at least none visible to me on any posts or topics). The forum requires that only trust level 1 or basic users may reply to posts, but I was able to reply to the welcome bot greeting message before moderation arrived. I logged in through web browser (Chrome 88.0.4324.190 on Windows 10). I tried this in incognito and a clear Chrome window with the same outcome. It is a relatively new forum and though my Chrome is slightly out of date I don’t expect it to be the source of the issue. The issue appears to occur on the latest posts as well. Attached is a screencap of the bug.

They might have categories set up so that only more trusted users can reply.

It’s certainly not a bug. You should ask the forum admins.


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