Missing space after [PN]

When my German Discourse instances send out mails for personal messages, the subject looks like this:

[Discourse] [PN]Topic Title

Note that there is no space after [PN]. I’d assume this is a translation mishap, but the strings look fine:

So where is this space hiding? :mag_right:

Looks like it’s from the subject_pm string. In english:

  subject_re: "Re: "
  subject_pm: "[PM] "

In German:

  subject_re: "Re: "
  subject_pm: "[PN]"

Looks like that’s it. Let me say that Transifex’s UI is… suboptimal here:

The additional character there is just the line break, the space is completely hidden in the translation view.

Either way, I fixed it in Transifex. Let’s hope that the space isn’t stripped during the YML export…

Thanks for taking that close look! :slight_smile: