Missing whitespace from certain localized strings

I’ve been encountering a weird issue with missing whitespace on various of my Discourse instances where Polish language is enabled:



I suspect that the issue is caused by missing whitespace in Transifex, but I have a hard time finding the faulty strings, and the ones I found are actually correct:


What makes me think that this could be a bug in Discourse is that just a week ago there was a similar issue with the “bootstrap” banner copy:

But the strings in transifex for that message were never missing whitespace:

Could it be a bug on Discourse side or some kind of configuration error on my side?

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Hey @kuba-orlik

Thanks for contributing to the Polish Discourse translation :+1:

This particular issue:

only occured for a very brief time and is now fixed. It is not related to any of the other issues in your post. Is your site up to date? that issue should go away as soon as you update.

For the other two issues. Can you please provide more context? Like what the issues are and where you’re seeing them in the interface so that we can try to fix them?

I know this is the notification panel in the user menu, but I’m not sure what the issue is here.

missing whitespace? 1

I’m also not sure what part of the interface this represents.

missing whitespace? 2


there should be a space between 2 and odpowiedzi (“replies” in Polish), but there is none

This is text generated by Chat Integration plugin in a Telegram notification. It’s missing a space between the username and “opublikował” (“has published”)

Also, the same issue (missing whitespace) is present in the “From” header in emails sent from Discourse:


There should be a space before and after the z