Improve handling of quote from translated post

The translator plugin is really great for multi-lingual communities, and I’m thrilled that you can even quote from the translated version of a post. Unfortunately, when you try to expand the quote, you get the original post, not the translation.

Can it be accomplished to stick to the quoted translation of the post?

I’m not sure about what technical challenges this might entail but I suspect most of them could be circumvented by making the quote procedure detect whether the quoted text is from a translation and if it is to include the entire translation in the reply post (though hidden “behind” the quote, of course). I’m assuming that such a hard copy of the text is not made in normal quoting but, rather, the expanded quote is dynamically read from the actual post (which os why the translated text expands to the wrong version).

Since this topic was moved into the plugin category, does this mean that the requested behaviour needs to be accomplished in the translator plugin? Since this is about the quoting feature, I assumed that this concerns the core more than the plugin…