Missing Translation in Logs for System IP Rollup

(cpradio) #1

When system performs an automated rollup, it produces the following entry:

This is the full button name:

(Mittineague) #2

I just looked in client.en.yml
There is no “roll_up” under “staff_actions.actions”

            delete_user: "delete user"
            change_trust_level: "change trust level"
            change_username: "change username"
            change_site_setting: "change site setting"
            change_site_customization: "change site customization"
            delete_site_customization: "delete site customization"
            suspend_user: "suspend user"
            unsuspend_user: "unsuspend user"
            grant_badge: "grant badge"
            revoke_badge: "revoke badge"
            check_email: "check email"
            delete_topic: "delete topic"
            delete_post: "delete post"
            impersonate: "impersonate"
            anonymize_user: "anonymize user"

There is one under “staff_actions.screened_ips” but doesn’t look to be the one wanted here

          title: "Screened IPs"
          description: 'IP addresses that are being watched. Use "Allow" to whitelist IP addresses.'
          delete_confirm: "Are you sure you want to remove the rule for %{ip_address}?"
          roll_up_confirm: "Are you sure you want to roll up commonly screened IP addresses into subnets?"
          rolled_up_some_subnets: "Successfully rolled up IP ban entries to these subnets: %{subnets}."
          rolled_up_no_subnet: "There was nothing to roll up."
            block: "Block"
            do_nothing: "Allow"
            allow_admin: "Allow Admin"
            label: "New:"
            ip_address: "IP address"
            add: "Add"
            filter: "Search"
            text: "Roll up"
            title: "Creates new subnet ban entries if there are at least 'min_ban_entries_for_roll_up' entries."

(Kane York) #3

Submitted a quick fix: FIX: Add missing translation by riking · Pull Request #3565 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

(Régis Hanol) #4