Missing translation UI issue (nb_NO)

On my Norwegian-localized forum, the “New”-link text is shown as [nb_NO.filters.new.title] when there are no new topics to view. “New (1+)” looks fine.

I’ve searched for js.filters.new.title in the admin panel to fix it myself, but I get no search results for that tag.

Any ideas? :slight_smile:


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I in such cases, added the translation (all option) on:

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It appears to have already been added to the translation, so why does it not show up? :slight_smile:

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Looked in a file on GitHub. Did I find this place correctly?

If this place is correct and the translation is present. I do not know what could be the reason. (


Looks fine on tests-passed.


Make sure you don’t have any invalid translation overrides by checking /admin/customize/site_texts?q=filters.new.title. Also, test in safe mode (/safe-mode) to make sure no theme or plugin is interfering. If nothing else helps, try rebuilding your container.


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