Discourse Bosnian translation

(Ruxan) #1

I have runing discourse, everything is ok but when i switch to my native language im having some problems when viewing discourse!

Last night i visited transifex website and joined team to help translate to my native language, i did some but i cant figure out how can i fix things thats showed like “[bs_BA.dates.tiny.about_x_hours], bs_BA.filters.latest.title, filters.new.title, filters.unread.title, last_reply_lowercase” …

Can anyone guide me to fix this :slight_smile:

Im in love @ discourse and i would like to use it

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

What language are you trying to use? What version is discourse do you have?

Do any messages display correctly? If just some messages display like that then it’s because they are not in the language file.

(Stefano Costa) #3

The language is Bosnian as spoken in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Only 65% of Discourse is translated in this language: https://www.transifex.com/discourse/discourse-org/language/bs_BA/

To clarify for @RuxBux, when updates and new translations are submitted, it takes some time before they are manually pulled from Transifex into Discourse (usually by @techAPJ), the last one was 8 days ago:

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

OK. I don’t understand Transifex, but it sounds like @RuxBux wants to contribute to the translation. If that’s the case, it sounds like maybe some of the strings discourse is looking for are not in client.bs_BA.yml, so he can’t fix them?

I see dates.tiny.about_x_hours in client.en.yml, but not in client.bs_BA.yml. Perhaps what @RuxBux wants to know is to find those missing strings in the client.en.yml and copy them to client.bs_BA.yml as a starting point.