Spaces around variables missing in the too_few_posts banner?

This is minor, but annoying. On a new installation of Discourse, I’m seeing the too_few_posts banner, which is fine. But for some reason, the spaces around the inserted variables are disappearing, which makes it look ugly. I tried putting in another space around each variable but that made no difference. In the screenshot below, you can see how the words are all jammed together in the banner despite the text setting having spaces.

Hmm can we repro this @jomaxro?

Just spun up a new site, no repro.

@adamengst, when you first looked at the translation text, were the spaces there?

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Yes, they were there (and still are). That’s when I tried making each one a double space, but unsurprisingly, that made no difference.

Well that’s certainly odd. Can you confirm the version of Discourse you’re running? Did you install via the official install instructions? If not, how did you install Discourse?


I’m running 2.4.0beta9. @elivz installed it but I don’t know how exactly. It’s running on DreamCompute at DreamHost.

Thanks. Given that this message is only visible to admins, will go away once your site has a few more posts, and we’ve received no other reports of this issue, I’ll leave it to you to decide if you want to keep troubleshooting. Let me know.

I’m happy to let it be the result of cosmic ray in that case. Let sleeping spaces lie.

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