Mobile - Can not use bookmark


Mobile , Can not use bookmark.

Sep 9, 2017 version.

Wait, what’s your problem, exactly? What are you doing, what do you expect to happen, and what happened instead?

I just bookmarked this topic in the mobile view, so bookmarks cannot be completely broken.

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You can try to use the phone, click the bookmark button does not work.

It works for me. Which browser are you using, and which bookmark button are you referring to? Can you reproduce the problem here on Meta?

my forum version is tests-passed.

3 hours ago rebuild app.

Can you answer these three questions, please? :slight_smile:

Feel free to post screenshots to clarify the issue.



You can have this problem in meta.discourse, try it.

I can confirm that bookmarking appears to not work in Chrome on iOS (although the bookmark is created invisibly – try refreshing the page to see it).

Are you running Chrome on Android or on iOS?


yes, in iOS and Android use Chrome.

Just to double check: Is this also broken on Android?

(I’m asking because Discourse only supports Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android – so this is only considered a bug if it isn’t working in Chrome on Android.)


I tested Android 7.1.2, chrome 61.0.3163.81, not work.

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Thanks! I’ve moved the topic to the #bug category.

To summarize, here are the steps to reproduce:

  • Be on Android 7.1.2, Chrome 61.0.3163.81
  • Open any topic
  • Click the :bookmark: icon
  • Notice that nothing appears to happen
  • Refresh the page, the post will appear bookmarked now

Yes this is a bug @eviltrout is aware of and will fix Monday sorry about that!


Sorry, it was a CSS regression. The bookmark was being created but the color was lost on the icon: