Tapping the bookmark icon next to a topic title on mobile does not work

I tested here on Meta Discourse. When I click in bookmark icon it shows the first post on the topic.

I just tested it on iOS here on Meta and it worked for me.

Are you talking about the bookmark button on each individual post, or the one in the dropdown at the bottom of the topic?

The dropdown isn’t the greatest experience for bookmarking, because when you select bookmark you get no feedback about the topic actually being bookmarked. If you open the menu again after tapping bookmark you should see that the option has changed to “clear bookmark.” We should consider improving this in the future.


No. Let me give you a example.

I bookmarked a post in this topic.

In the topic title it has a icon showing that a bookmarked a post there. But, when I click in the icon to get back to the post it goes to first post instead.

In desktop it works.


Ohh, I see now. I misunderstood.

You’re correct, the bookmark icon on the category page on mobile (and desktop) does not link to the post you bookmarked.

It does work on the /latest page on mobile (and desktop), but the default mobile homepage is the category page.

That should be fixed so it’s consistent.


This is intentional.

On mobile the entire topic title is the target, because we don’t think someone’s finger can accurately target such a small hit area.

On desktop, laptop, etc there is a more accurate pointing device and smaller areas can be targets.

I suggest visiting the bookmarks tab in your user profile to jump to bookmarks on mobile.

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It depends. I made my bookmark icon bigger.

And I mean, it works when you click on /latest, but not on categories.

We’re not planning to make this work, as we want to keep the mobile UI simple and finger-able.

I suggest using the bookmarks tab on your user profile to visit your bookmarks.

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Ok, it works on the others pages besides categories, so… thats ok.