Mobile registration has no SSO options

When a new user chooses to registrate there isn’t any SSO options (like Google etc.) available. Just plain old username/password.

iPad shows every options as should.

I don’t know when this broke up.

And I have recently updated version because I rebuilded this morning UTC.

I count this as a bug, but perhaps it is just another UX issue :smirk:



Yes, that is a bit odd, I’ll try to frame that decision a little bit:

Because the create account form is already quite long on mobile, the idea was to save some space by omitting the SSO buttons. This sounds super strange, but the reasoning was that on mobile, you have to pass by the “login” modal first – which does have the SSO buttons and those can also be used to create your account, because logging in or signing up via SSO is basically the same action.

Of course that’s quite obscure knowledge and not very intuitive.

So I agree it would be better if they are shown on create account again. In the coming fullscreen login this will be fixed for sure.

In the meantime, I’ll take a look if we can squeeze them in the current one too.


That reasoning doesn’t work because an ordinary user doesn’t understanding what SSO even means.

Only what a new user sees is option to create new account and they use that. And gets very minimalistic page asking username and password.

Saving space is as bad reasoning, because login page isn’t any more fuller. First we should show SSO options and below those buttons old school way. Scrolling is not a new thing for users. We are still living in the world were janes ja joes are using google search of browser instead of giving url.

There you go @Jagster, I fixed your post for you. :slight_smile:


Touché :joy:

That’s right. I should be less reactive, sometimes anyway.


The SSO options are as of UX: show the SSO options when creating an account on mobile by chapoi · Pull Request #25260 · discourse/discourse · GitHub available in the create account modal on mobile too.