Mod can't see unlisted posts

I’m a moderator over at the Infinite Flight Community. Along with the other mods there, we’ve noticed a change since yesterday in which we can no longer view unlisted posts.

Previously, we had the ability to see the content of the unlisted thread - it was helpful to see what actions our team were taking and the behaviour of some users.

Now we only see the following page (non-existent page/private):

Is this a known change / issue? We’re on a Discourse hosted plan, so I assume this is an automatic update. However, it hasn’t been very convenient for our moderation activities. We’d appreciate any information on this!

Whilst on the topic, I’ve also noticed I’m not receiving notification for replies to posts since yesterday (Thursday 9th June) on the IF Community. Not sure if this is an issue with a new update, but no settings have been changed on my end. Definitely odd.


I’ve heard complaints from mods on Stonehearth about notification issues as well. I’m checking if we are having unlisted topic issues as well.

Yep, can’t view unlisted topics too. This is pretty bad!

Relevant Console Error:

_ember_jquery-9c4852b….js:5 GET 404 (Not Found)
send @ _ember_jquery-9c4852b….js:5
ajax @ _ember_jquery-9c4852b….js:5
s @ _application-b4acdbb….js:116
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(anonymous function) @ _preload_store-e6d9d40….js:43
_ @ _ember_jquery-9c4852b….js:43508
h @ _ember_jquery-9c4852b….js:45224
getAndRemove @ _preload_store-e6d9d40….js:42
d @ _application-b4acdbb….js:6979
value @ _application-b4acdbb….js:6120
setupController @ _application-b4acdbb….js:13898
w @ _ember_jquery-9c4852b….js:17301
r @ _ember_jquery-9c4852b….js:16825
setup @ _ember_jquery-9c4852b….js:21369
m @ _ember_jquery-9c4852b….js:43365
m @ _ember_jquery-9c4852b….js:42169
f @ _ember_jquery-9c4852b….js:42077
v @ _ember_jquery-9c4852b….js:42256
(anonymous function) @ _ember_jquery-9c4852
b….js:41686b @ _ember_jquery-9c4852b….js:43706
y @ _ember_jquery-9c4852b….js:43726
v @ _ember_jquery-9c4852b….js:43693
(anonymous function) @ _ember_jquery-9c4852b….js:25972
invoke @ _ember_jquery-9c4852b….js:885
flush @ _ember_jquery-9c4852b….js:950
flush @ _ember_jquery-9c4852b….js:755
end @ _ember_jquery-9c4852b….js:180
(anonymous function) @ _ember_jquery-9c4852b….js:583

Hmm certainly a regression can you look into it Monday @eviltrout?


This is my regression which I will get fixed, it is due to:

In the past we used to run all requests to unlisted topics via the “auto correct slug” logic, this was a security hole allowing users to simply guess the URL of unlisted topics. Now we expect the slug to match exactly for unlisted stuff.

Somehow clicks from the front page are relying on the redirect logic, which is a performance issue anyway.

workaround is to delete the /2 at the end of the URL and refresh but I will fix properly.


Makes sense - not a problem, I’ll pass this on to the other guys. Thanks for your quick support!

@jomaxro - I received all my notifications from yesterday this morning, so that started working again it seems. Any luck for your mods?

Can confirm that removing the /x from the end works, and we have started receiving our notifications again.

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Should be fixed with:

Will deploy it sooninsh