Mod permissions and access

Is there a way to limit what the mods can see on the back end and do? Also to limit what categories someone can mod?

No, there is currently not a way to alter the permissions, as Jeff said in this topic:

Moderators for a specific category is on the roadmap, but not yet implemented.

This is what moderators can do vs, admins:

Are you sure? Last I knew moderators that are not admins can not access a member’s messages unless they are included in the message.


Yeah, it’s probably outdated. Now moderators also can’t:

  • Read people’s PM’s
  • Get their email
  • Cannot create categories.
    @Mittineague is there some that I’m missing here?

Here’s some info about moderator permission changes:

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I imagine there are other “can nots”, but one that comes to mind is Moderators can not impersonate other members.

I wonder, can moderators create other users as Moderators? Because it seems like only Admins can

From my recollection that is correct.

But if you make someone a Leader they have a lot of power on the board. They can’t delete posts or ban users but they can hide posts or even move them to the locked board to effectively delete them if they’re too worrying to leave out in the open until a Mod/Admin is online.

Leaders can be very useful as a tool on your forum although in our experience it wasn’t possible to continually highlight their powers so in the end we had to remove them and have more moderators, as users were upset about what they saw as a lack of transparency in how things were being run.

Note the Regulars have the rights to update titles, tags and categories for posts. There is a lot of community control.