Moderated posts and `email time window mins`

When does email time window mins begin for a post that is approved after moderation?

Is it the time it is approved?

Or the time it was originally submitted?

I have a feeling it’s the latter. Sometimes I’ve wanted to edit a post after moderation, so the edit history is public, but I think the email maybe goes out straight away.

I’m still interested in hearing the answer to this :slight_smile:

The email time window mins starts when the post approved. After the email time window mins time an email goes away to the user about the post approved and an other email to the other user for example whose post was replied to. So these emails goes in the same time to the recipients.

It depends many things the edit history is shown or not.

For example:

  • If you edit other user’s post, the edit history is always shows on first time then if you edit more things in the grace period then it won’t create a new revision just merges the changes on that post and the next revision will only create if you edit the post again after the grace period. Or other user edit it again…

  • If you edit your own post after approve than the edit history won’t show in the editing grace period, however there are other settings which can overwrite the grace period time. The editing grace period max diff and editing grace period max diff high trust. So if you edit more character than you setted up these settings than it will create a new revision.


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