User's unedited post sent by email even when post edited by admin after approval

Continuing the discussion from Moderated posts and `email time window mins`:

I think this is happening:

  1. Brand new user writes post.
  2. Held for moderation/review.
  3. Approved by admin.
  4. Immediately (within a minute) edited by admin.
  5. Delay of email time window mins after approval (in my case, 10 mins).
  6. Notification email sent. This email contains the text of the original post (step 1 above) not the edited text (step 4 above).

What should happen is that at step 6 the edited text should be sent in the notification email.

Perhaps some setting on my forum is causing this, in which case it’s not a bug, and go ahead and recategorise this. A workaround could be to edit the post before approval, but that means the post’s edit history isn’t so easy to see.