User's unedited post sent by email even when post edited by admin after approval

Continuing the discussion from Moderated posts and `email time window mins`:

I think this is happening:

  1. Brand new user writes post.
  2. Held for moderation/review.
  3. Approved by admin.
  4. Immediately (within a minute) edited by admin.
  5. Delay of email time window mins after approval (in my case, 10 mins).
  6. Notification email sent. This email contains the text of the original post (step 1 above) not the edited text (step 4 above).

What should happen is that at step 6 the edited text should be sent in the notification email.

Perhaps some setting on my forum is causing this, in which case it’s not a bug, and go ahead and recategorise this. A workaround could be to edit the post before approval, but that means the post’s edit history isn’t so easy to see.


I noticed this again today. I edited the title of the post just after approving it. 10 minutes later the email went out with the original, unedited title.

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I can repro it. :+1:

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Has this ever respected the approval time? The setting doesn’t mention approval specifically, and AFAIK if the post is older than 10 minutes the email always went out immediately once the post was approved.

I agree with this, but just for my own benefit - what’s the value of seeing the original state if it required admin intervention to publish?

In don’t entirely follow that. It is 10 minutes from approval, and not 10 minutes from submission, if that’s what you mean.

So that the forum administrator can see the post as originally submitted. This might be relevant if major changes were agreed with the poster. There could be other scenarios. I don’t know whether the original, unedited post is stored anywhere, but I don’t think it can be found on the admin web interface.

The main problem is different, which is that changes within the 10-minute period are ignored when the email goes out. These might be changes that only occurred to the forum administrator after approval.

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I’ve just had another thought. The post is emailed with the title and text exactly as originally submitted (not as edited during the review/approval stage). Maybe also it will be emailed as if it is in the category as originally submitted, even if it is recategorised during review/approval.

If that is happening, it would mean that the wrong people are notified by email.

I have the latest Discourse version and noticed today that the email sent contained the edited topic title :+1:

I don’t know what happened last time but today I’ve got the latest Discourse, allowed a post, edited the title immediately but the original topic title was sent by email.