Moderator badge count never goes away

Hi folks. In the DiscourseHub iOS app, I have a moderator badge count of (2).

However, there’s no messages in the moderator inbox. They’re all marked as read and archived.

This count of 2 has been there for months. Is there somewhere I’m missing that adds to that count, or is there more info I can provide to help squash this bug?



Oh, yeah I have seen this as well @pmusaraj this is tricky.

The easy fix is simply to archive the messages in the group inbox /my/messages/group/moderators by selecting them all and hitting archive. There is a slight delay here but it will fix it.

However it gets extra tricky if you have PMs disabled on your site. If you do, then the only workaround is to temporarily enable PMs so the archive button shows up, so you can move it.

I think a concrete bug here is that if for any reason PMs are disabled we should still show the archive button on group mail boxes.


Hm. I think I did this already, to no avail. (We have the archive button!) Here’s the moderators inbox (it’s looked like this for ~36 hours):

Yet the moderator badge count continues to haunt me…

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Just to confirm, in the hub you are seeing the text moderators (2) ? You are not taking about blue/red/green bubbles?

Can you try removing / re-adding your site - is it still there?

Aye, this view:

I’ll try removing and re-adding and report back!

Just tried it. Sadly, the sinister guilt-inducing count is still there.

Hmmm, can you go to the archive box, then click “return to inbox” on a message … then archive that post again?

I wonder if some cache got out of sync?

Sure! I did the following:

  • Went into the archived box and returned one message. Checked the badge—still 2.
  • Marked that message as unread (via the Defer action). Checked the badge—still 2.
  • Opened the message, archived it. Checked the badge—still 2.

And to be clear, yes I did this on a moderator message, not on one of my personal ones.

PS: thanks for your attention on this front!

Uncertain if this will do anything, but can you try upgrading to latest, I can see you are on beta 1 and we already have a beta 2 out.

I’m guessing you mean the site itself, not DiscourseHub—I’ll poke the site admins!

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Whew. Done! Everything looks a little shinier but, as predicted, the badge is still there.

Is there anywhere else this badge should show up? It seems a little odd that the erroneous count appears only on DiscourseHub. (Though it appears on both my iPhone and iPad.)

I actually, surprisingly, have a repro here. We will investigate. I know how annoying it can get when tiles do not line up.


May take us a few weeks though. It is not super urgent :slight_smile:


Nice! No worries, I’m just glad it is a bug —I feel validated.

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