Moderator Inbox Notifications

So I remember seeing this on our instance when it first came out, but now… I don’t seem to get any notifications for messages that go into the Moderators Inbox (other mods are reporting that they are not receiving these notifications anymore either)

What I used to see:

Now, I’ll have a message in there marked as New, but I have no notification of the message. :confused:

Is anyone else experiencing this?

My tracking state is “Watching” on the Moderator inbox. So I should be getting notifications.


Could the message be affected by another moderator moving resolved messages to Archive? I don’t think this is the case, because I seem to recall another mod complaining previously about the mismatch in numbers between what the notification said and the actual number when I did this. And I almost never empty the box altogether.

I do get the “X messages” in my notifications, but I’m not sure it appears every time there’s a message. Also, Moderator messages no longer show the green indicator, and it can be very easy to miss one or more, especially when things are busy.

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The one I was referencing was still marked New and in the Moderator inbox. It wasn’t archived yet, but with that said, I haven’t a clue as to when these notifications are meant to appear and how they choose to appear.

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I have also had that experience, including one today for a member blocked by System. (I didn’t find the message until after I’d stumbled upon the member by another route and freed them.)

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I don’t get the # messages in your moderators messages regardless of where they are. I get the individual messages (which can get very cumbersome quickly)

I’ve noticed the issue and figured it was when a message had been archived.

SpamGuy1 posts, gets Flagged, Mod Message created
ModGal1 deals with it, and considering it handled, archives the message.
ModGuy1 logs in, no Notification.

- but - if ModGuy1 reads a message, the unread (by him) archived message will show in the Suggested Messages

But in my case, it isn’t archived and was still marked New. So there was an unread message in the Moderator Inbox.

Or are you stating when any message is archived, it is removing the nofication?

I’ve done a bit of testing today.

When a message is archived the Notification opens to the Inbox so they could be missed unless the Archive is explicitly gone into.

But All the Mods got Notifications.

@ralphm are the Admin -> Groups -> Automatic settings for “who can message and mention this group” set to “nobody” ?

For the general populace, yes.

That could explain it. System is a “somebody” and if the Staff/Mod groups can’t get messages from System it might be cancelling the Notifications.

Though I don’t understand how the messages could still be there based on the way I thought those settings worked.

Except that applies to the specific message, which was still in the Inbox marked new. So it hadn’t been archived yet and I had zero notifications on that message. So without going to the Moderator inbox, I would have never known about it.

Not based on my sandbox. Both moderators and staff are set to “Nobody”, but when testuser1 flagged two individuals, it produced

Also on the sandbox, the notification remains visible when viewing older notifications

My old notifications do not have an entry like that anywhere for pages on end…

My sandbox is also running the same plugins (and more) of what we’re using on our Discoruse instance. So I’m fairly confident, none of those are impacting this.

And it works in our Staging Environment…

I figured it out, this may be a bug.

Repro Steps:

  1. Visit Moderator Inbox, make sure it is marked as Tracking
  2. User posts a topic/reply, gets Flagged as Something Else
  3. Moderators get a Group Notification (shown above)
  4. Moderator A marks the Moderator Inbox as Watching
  5. User posts a topic/reply, gets Flagged as Something Else
  6. Moderator A gets a notification of the specific topic, no group Notification

So why is it possibily a bug? The descriptions for Watching and Tracking both include “and a count of new replies will be shown”, Tracking seems to do this (assuming the group message is that count), watching does not.

ping @davemaxwell, is your moderator inbox tracking state set to Watching? Try switching it to Tracking.

Bug Part 2:

Even when set to Watching, I do not get any notifications on when the system blocks a user automatically (not sure about when it is set to Tracking yet).

Yes, mine was set to watching. Set to tracking (don’t recall changing it though).

I have a feeling we may be looking at different things, settings might be involved, and I may not have been as painstaking about logging out, clearing cookies and clearing history as I thought I was.

Question, - same user - same flagger?

I destroyed the topic between tests, same user did the posting and same user did the flagging, but that shouldn’t make a difference.

I just followed the repo steps as best as I understood them

In the same topic
Same user FluffGuy1 made non-sequential 2 posts.
Same user Will non-sequentially Flagged each as Something Else

For the first, Mittineague got the Group notification
For the second Mittineague got only the message notification

* the “2” messages is one old testing message that was read but not archived and the first of the new “needs attention”

Did you change your tracking state of the Moderator Inbox? As that is what changes the type of notification you get (based on my results)

Yes, I made sure it was set to Tracking
Read the first and set to Watch,
Then the second round of post-flag happened

So maybe a “User Watch” takes precedence over “Group Track” hence the message from Will?

AdminGuy1 has the Mod Inbox set to Track and got the group message notification

* the “3” is the same old testing message and the 2 (for him) new "needs attention"s

Hmmm, odd one

      WHEN notification_type = 16 THEN 'group message summary'
      WHEN notification_type = 6 THEN 'private message'
      ELSE 'something else'
 , user_id
 , data
 , topic_id AS t_id
 , topic_id
 , post_number
FROM notifications 
WHERE notification_type NOT IN(1,2,3,4,5,8,9,10,11,12,15) 
private message	Mittineague 	{"topic_title":"A post in \"Staff messages and Notifications testing\" requires staff attention","original_post_id":3105,"original_post_type":1,"original_username":"Will","display_username":"Will"}	1912	A post in “Staff messages and Notifications testing” requires staff attention (2) 	1

group message summary	Mittineague 	{"group_id":2,"group_name":"moderators","inbox_count":2,"username":"mittineague"}	NULL	NULL	NULL 

Confirmed it’s the Mod Inbox Track / Watch setting
Whether or not the corresponding Flag has been Deferred.
Regardless of the poster or flagger

When the Inbox is set to Track I get Group Message Notification
When the Inbox is set to Watch I get a message Notification from the flagger

Both appear in the Mod inbox
But the Group notification link goes to the Inbox
The message notification link goes to the message

Correction: the message is from Flag. The membername shows only if the Flag has not been handled eg. a “thanks for letting us know”

My Moderator inbox was/is set to “tracking” (which is presumably the default, as I didn’t realise I could change it until yesterday).

From what I observed yesterday, a new flag did not produce a green “message” notification; only a “X messages in inbox” type notification.

A reply to an existing flag message by another mod produced a green notification (no “X messages” notification).

A reply to an existing flag message by the non-mod member who created the flag did not produce a green notification, only an “X messages” notification.

The inconsistencies here are very confusing, and IMHO constitute a :bug:.