Moderators, trust level, and seeing IP addresses

Howdy, I have a question regarding permissions. We had a staff rank on our old forums that had all the abilities of trust level 4 + banning (without seeing ips) which worked perfectly for us for privacy reasons. However, moving over to discourse we can’t seem to find a rank that does that. Trust level 4 can’t ban and moderator can see IPs, so like am I missing something? or is that all there is in terms of permissions?

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In terms of permissions, that is all there is.

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Is there absolutely nothing I can do to change that? ughhhhhh :frowning:

What’s the big deal about seeing IPs? Moderators need to see IPs to do their jobs.

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When you work in a community that has a large problem with ddos, seeing IPs is a big deal. Especially when you’re working with teenagers or younger adults. There is more of a chance of them going crazy, accidentally showing someone an IP, getting hacked, or any assortment of things. We have a validator that requires someone to hook up a game profile to their forum account, so we have almost no problems with alting. That being said, there is almost no reason that a forum mod would need to see an IP, and I would sleep much better knowing that my IP is unknown.

EDIT: Also, because gaming profiles are hooked up to their forum accounts, I would rather not give someone access to finding essentially any of our players IPs, even if they are a forum mod.

Each community has their own way of doing things but I do wonder, if they can’t be trusted with IP addresses should they be moderators?

When you say DDOS, are we talking about specific co-ordinates attacks on other community members dynamically assigned IPs?

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As for being a forum mod, you don’t have to be trusted that much to be a forum mod. If you can’t see IPs, there is not much you can do at all, even if you wanted to abuse your powers. I would only trust people I know very well with my IP, and with forum mods that would not be the case. (Also, it is excess. As I explained above, they wouldn’t need to see IPs, so why let them?)

Yes, a community member getting another users IP and then specifically targeting them. If an admin’s IP is known, you can bet they are getting ddosed left and right, which is obviously not fun.

I disagree to the point that I say that it is often crucial that a Moderator be able to see a members IP

Not so much for initial “corrective guidance” actions, but most definitely one of the many things that should be evaluated before a more severe action is taken.


I’m not going to argue with you, since in most forum communities, moderators do need to see IPs. Everyone is different though, which is what you need to understand here. In our case, we don’t want our moderators having access to that because there is simply no reason for them to have that ability (as Dream said). Our forum mod’s day to day activities involve locking threads, deleting threads, temp ban/ban and engaging in our community. In my eyes, if it’s not part of their duties as a forum mod, why give them that permission?

I’ve been in this community for many years now, and both Dream and I have watched several outstanding and trustworthy members in our community that have been trusted with these perms go “rogue” and end up dropping every one of our IPs, eventually being DDoS’d or doxed. It’s a sad reality we have to face, which is why we want to limit that possibility as much as we can.

How difficult would it be adding a simple checkbox in admin settings that toggles the option of moderators viewing IPs? I’m sure some of us would really appreciate that feature and I hope you guys understand where we are coming from!

You might be able to hide these elements that show IP with CSS in Admin / Customize; that’s about all I can think of at the moment.

Wouldn’t that remove it for admins as well?

Yeah but presumably admins would know how to un-hide it via CSS as well.

For example comparing IP to check for duplicate accounts