Moderators Viewing Email Addresses

Just FYI,

I know this has already been discussed a few times. Not to beat a dead horse, but my use case is…

I have to be PCI compliant and giving non-employees the ability to view/export email addresses is a security problem that restricts me from adding moderators. I’d like to use this feature so mods can see reports and such, but viewing email addresses is a no-go for me for me.

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Do your mods perform tasks that TL4s couldn’t execute?

Thanks, @HAWK, really it’s not that big of a deal for me. It would be nice to allow them to view reports to monitor the health/growth of the community.

Also congratulations. I read over on FeverBee that you’ve taken on a new role at Discourse. I’m sure Jeff and team are glad to have you on board. :slight_smile:


For sure – I think it’s really impt that they have visibility of that stuff. It ensures that everyone buys into your growth strategy and has a degree of accountability as part of the team. That said, you can export reports without including email addresses. What reports do you regularly generate.

Thanks! Yup, this is day 2. So far so good – I’ve been on my very best behaviour. :wink:


Yeah I would recommend TL4 for this, then document what pain points they have as mini-mods with TL4?