Can no longer view users emails as a moderator


Had a look at other very relevant topics, e.g.

But my situ is that I, from a moderator account, could view users’ email addresses until about 2 weeks ago. Now I can’t. The admin has not changed anything over this period.

Any obvious reason I’m missing for this to be the case?


@techAPJ did some work last week so that SSO external emails (on the admin user page) are now hidden from moderators.

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Hey @HRH, you should still be able to view emails from the user list: /admin/users/list/active. Filter to the user you want and then click “Show Emails”.


Many thanks to you both! This works fine and does the job for me.

Out of curiosity, could I ask why? The usual reasons around personal data, etc.? If it’s still possible to view the emails on the user list o page, then why bother hiding them on the user admin page?


Good question. We’re kinda mid-process here. It’s likely that we’ll hide it everywhere but behind a site setting.


Has this happened now, Hawk? It appears to have…

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