Pay for subscription via Crypto?

Hey guys. Curious if there has been any sort of development on paying for a subscription via cryptocurrency? Will it ever be an option in the official subscriptions plugin, or is it something that will need to be custom made?


I want to integrate discourse with monero. But at the moment I am still working on other stuff. Maybe we can talk via PM about your exact use case. Which cryptocurrency are you interested in?


I will PM you some more information.


This comes up every now and again. The path to Official is that a few big customers, many small customers, or very many self-hosters are using it. This seems improbable in the near term.

It took a talented developer several months to get an already-working subscriptions plugin into shape, so it’s a pretty big job. But you might be able to scope things back a bit.

I’d be somewhat interested to hear more about what you want to do.