Monthly Grouping on Reports Not Working

hello all,

while trying to visualize certain report graphs, the Monthly grouping isn’t working as expected. URL: admin/reports/visits?chart_grouping=monthly&end_date=2020-11-24&start_date=2020-04-01


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When I access the same report on Meta, the time period for each data point that is displayed in the chart seems to depend on the time periods that I’ve selected for the report’s start and end dates. For example, if I select April 24th as the start date and November 24th as the end date, the data points are spread out at either 4 or 5 week intervals. If I use the start and end dates that you supplied, the data points are set at weekly intervals.

@joffreyjaffeux, is this something that needs to be looked at, or are these the expected results?

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Yes monthly has been implemented very naively so far to fullfill a simple request we have had (and to avoid implementing it server side, which would be a LOT of work). We didn’t have much request ever since. I’m not against trying to improve it, but I’m not surprised it can fail in some cases.