(More granular?) posts limits

I’ve been toying with the configuration for post limits, and I’m not sure if I understand all the available options.

I see we can set a minimum post length, which is fine. I set it to 30, and I don’t want to set it any higher, because sometimes it makes sense to have short posts. However, we have users who constantly reply with annoying one-liners, and I’d like to prevent that.
Is there a way to say “prevent too many short posts in the same thread”?

Also, is there a way to prevent continuous back and forth between two users? Like, “allow at most N reply chains from any two given users (per day)”?

Alternatively, is it possible to say “each user can post at most N messages in any given topic”?


See Site Setting get a room threshold

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Interesting observation, but not exactly. Most of the active prevention we have is for sequential replies from the same user.

There is the just-in-time warning that @pfaffman pointed out as well.


It makes sense that that’s a warning, because you can work around it by simply replying to someone else in the topic.

As for the rest, would they be settings you’d consider including, assuming a PR would come? :slight_smile: