More-privacy: hide parts of user profiles

Continuing the discussion from Restrict public viewing of user profile:

I have just released the very first version of a plugin that tries to accomplish what users from my community want: make the user profiles look like this:

when viewed from the anonymous account, and like this:

after logging in. Settings are currently limited to this:

Note that currently, user cards are not yet altered (which is clearly missing because otherwise, this plugin is a bit pointless. I will add this ASAP). I am also looking for a better approach for the user.hbs copy I have to maintain within that plugin - any pointers are welcome. I found @neil’s remark here, but the link for the example is broken.

Here’s the plugin on GitHub:


Release 0.0.2 now also supports user cards and thereby completes the basic functionality.


This plugin is broken. After installing this on my site the user page cannot be displayed anymore, it just keep loading. Please fix this…thx

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OK, moved to broken plugins for now.

Anybody has a repro here? @sam? I have this on the latest beta working just fine - you have to disable the setting “hide user profiles from public” provided by discourse, however… But this will not create a loading loop?

Moved it out of broken plugins for now then


This plugin overrides user.hbs with one that is over 2 years old. That doesn’t sound like a good idea…


I would agree with you this is likely not ideal. Let’s see if @JSey has any plans to update the plugin, if not will move the topic.

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