{more_replies} sometimes returns no value

Hi there,

I notice the variable {more_replies} sometimes does not return a value.
On most posts it works, but for some, it just returns a blank: 07.31.2017-14.21.31

Check out live URL: https://networklessons.com/cisco/ccna-routing-switching-icnd1-100-105/introduction-to-ethernet/

Please note I changed the template via filter discourse_replies_html, but this is still the case on the default Discourse templates (by removing the filter). I did not see any errors in my PHP logs.

If there are no more replies, then it just returns an empty string. For this post https://networklessons.com/cisco/ccna-routing-switching-icnd1-100-105/introduction-to-ethernet/ what I’m seeing is 3 replies on the forum and 3 replies displayed on WordPress, so more_replies is returning an empty string. Are there cases on your site where there are more replies on the forum than are displayed on WordPress and the more_replies text is empty?

I see that I should add a filter to the more_replies text. I can do that right away.

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Hi Simon,

I get it now, thanks. Since there are no more hidden replies, the string returns an empty string. Clear!

But still, there is a hyperlink with no link text, shouldn’t this be fixed?

Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

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I think in the default template it renders a p tag with no content when there are no replies. It doesn’t need to do that. I’ll fix it

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