Wordpress comments always show

(James Cook) #1

I have the box ‘Display existing WordPress comments beneath Discourse comments’ unchecked. However Wordpress comments still appear on my page.

I’ve tried checking the box incase it was a logic fail, but whatever do the comments always show.

Could it possibly be a theme issue?

(Simon Cossar) #2

Thanks! It looks like it’s a bug. I’ll fix it later today.

(James Cook) #3

Ahh ok, you’re seeing the same behaviour? Was just about to dig into my theme.

(James Cook) #4

I’ve also noticed that the no_replies_html content never gets added in. Could you check that this isn’t just an issue with my site?

(Simon Cossar) #5

It gets added on my test site. I’m not sure what the problem could be if you’re not seeing it.

(James Cook) #6

@Simon_Cossar I realised that the problem was that I was viewing an old article on my site that hadn’t been copied over to Discourse. This is why the no_replies_html content wasn’t showing.

(Simon Cossar) #7

This is fixed in the most recent version.

(James Cook) #8

Out of interest, does the Wordpress plugin track master branch on wp-discourse github repo? Or is it being updated somewhere else?

Reason I ask is because I couldn’t see the latest fix in the repo…

(Simon Cossar) #9

It tracks the beta branch.