More weight for flags casted by trusted users

I believe flags from trusted users should have more weight than flags from new users. Trusted users should have better judgement and knowledge of the forum rules than new users and the system should reflect that. For example, flags could have double weight for TL3 users and immediately hide inappropriate/spam posts for TL4 users.

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TL3/TL4 flags already hide spam automatically… (I know because we have TL 3 users who LOVE this feature)

I think it may still take 2 flags to hide inappropriate (but I haven’t specifically tested that).


I believe that is true only for TL0 users spam, but yes. Other than that, there is only one forum setting that defaults to 3 flags to hide a post.

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As @cpradio said, we reduced that to two on our forum.

It’s possible, we have flirted with this as @cpradio noted, spam flags from TL3 users applied to TL0 user posts take effect immediately.

I would still like to see some improvements in this regard. Setting the flagging threshold too low invites flag spam from TL1 users and too high makes it ineffective. Having multipliers for likes and not something like this is puzzling.

Also, I don’t understand why spam flags get special treatment. Only spam flags hide TL0 users posts and result in blocking new users. Inappropriateness should equally result in hiding messages and blocking accounts. I’d even raise that to cover TL1 users as well. If someone joins the forum and breaks the rules, they should be blocked until and an admin or a moderator can find out what’s going on.

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