Replace the button dropdown at the bottom of topics on mobile

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I really don’t like the “buttons in a dropdown” thing we do here in general. It’s especially weird when you’re taking an action like “bookmark” because you have to reopen the menu to see that your action successfully applied.

Is the text absolutely necessary on mobile? We’ve experimented with removing it in some themes. I personally would prefer dropping the text and gaining the ability to display all the buttons… but do they become too abstract to new users at this point? The more important ones (admin, flag, link) feel clear enough to me…


These actions are soooo rarely used at the topic level that I kinda object to them appearing all the time, especially on mobile where space is at a premium.

And we want reply to really stand out as the primary action, burying it in a pile of icons would not serve that goal.


How about a flyout next to the reply button?

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Or below:

In my ideal world, the :wrench: actions would be another expandable underneath Unassign.