"Move to" modal needs some alignment fixes

Not sure if this is a regression from @techAPJ’s recent improvements to the post move modal, or if it’s always existed, but categories seem way too close to the topic titles. Also, subcategories seem to display both the parent category and subcategory - but the subcategory box color is half, not full. cc @awesomerobot @Johani.


I recall working on this not too long ago.

I believe it’s a simple regression because the markup changed a little bit with @techAPJ’s incredible work. This is totally expected as the entire functionality changed when the option to move to a PM was added :heart:

So, the styles stopped applying since they were targeting an element that’s not there anymore. I pushed a small fix to update the selector and increase the width of that modal a little bit.

I think this is intentional and it matches the way we show them in the header.