Move Topics in Team Log


i am searching for a functionality.

When some of my moderators move a topic from a category in another one. (Edit the category with the pen next to the headline)
I see no entry in my team actions log in the administaration panel.

Can i activate somewere this feature?



That is a normal user action, if the user is trust level 4, or if the user created the topic in the first place. The “log” for it would be in the edit history of the first post.


Thanks for your answer.

But there is no possibility that only moderators or admins can change the category?
If I have enabled such a feature, any changes in that team log will be displayed?

I think, it would be nice to be in a next release.

It is not a moderator action so you would not expect it to be there. It is a normal user action.

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