Moving a topic; will email responses be redirected?

A user has asked me to move - and rename - an improperly posted topic to a new Category.

Original posting location:

Moved location:

Question 1: Most of our users read, post and reply via email. In this case, if other users want to REPLY to the origin post, will their EMAIL message be automatically redirected to the new location?

I know that if people click the VISIT TOPIC link and go to the site they will see a link to the new location. This is specifically about email functionality.

Question 2: Also, because the posting has been moved, I assume the system will NOT send a new email. Is that correct.


Yes, as long as users have permission to post in the new category

If the user is “watching” the new category, they will get sent an email. If the user has already been notified about a post, they will not be notified again.


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