Moving a Whisper Post as a New Topic produces unviewable/unclearable topic for users

Okay, so I’m torn on this being a bug report, as it is just odd steps to take, so I leave the classification up to you.

Repo Steps:

  1. Create a regular topic as a staff member
  2. Reply using a Whisper Post
  3. Use the wrench to select the whisper post (and only that post)
  4. Choose Move to New Topic
  5. Login as a regular user (TL 1)
  6. See the topic title with a NEW badge
  7. Click on Topic Title, see blank page
  8. Go back, refresh, NEW badge remains and can’t be cleared.

Nitpicky, 100%, so call this more documentation of “doing something like this on a post that is meant for staff eyes only can produce a very weird result.”


Yeah I think this might be a “well don’t do that, staff member” kind of thing.

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Agree, far prefer to focus our efforts around “last post in topic is whisper” weirdness.