Flagging posts to be viewed only by admins or mod

This might be a silly question, but I didn’t find an answer.

Say I have a post like this: https://comments.alittlebitofspice.com/t/instant-pot-indian-beef-curry/1821

How can I flag this post to be viewed and edited only by admin and mods? Theoretically, I want to deem it sensitive.

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Flag it and select ‘Other’ and state one of:

  1. Just move it to #staff?

  2. Another solution is to convert to a whisper. Unfortunately that’s not possible out of the box and would require a plugin.

… Like this one:

Caveat: not used this in a while but it’s a starting point, you will need to test it

Imho this should be a core feature as one can post intending to whisper but use a normal post and theres no way normally to toggle

Credit: @fzngagan


How do I do this? Can you help?

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Use the Topic wrench control to select the post, then move the post to a new topic in #staff. You will need to be staff to do this.

See further: Move posts to a new or existing topic

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Toggling a regular post to a whisper could only work if the email for it hasn’t gone out yet. Discussion:


Thanks much. In this case, staff is an existing category? I don’t see it in my options.

you need to create the topic in the Staff category then move it to that topic. you should be able to search and find the topic title you created when you get to that above screen. note that topics, which are akin to threads or discussions, are under the categories, which are like forums/sub-forums. you should have a restricted category called Staff (it’s a default category for admins and moderators only). create a topic(s) in that category to move your posts to. once there, only staff will be able to view the post.

i’m not really clear on why you don’t just use the flagging functions in the review panel.

It looks like you’re using the ‘Select Posts’ option from the topic wrench on only the first post. This would only give you the option to move that post to an existing topic.

To recategorize a topic you can do it using the pencil icon next to the topic title (or by editing the OP). :+1:


yes. simply click the pencil icon beside the topic post title and it will let you change the category to Staff. simplest solution!