Unwhispered "split this topic" posted created when whisper replies moved to another topic

See screenshot - I just moved a few whisper topics from a public post to another topic in a staff-only category, and the “split this topic” reply is added that is not a whisper. I deleted it when I noticed it, but it felt strange. 1) the existence of these posts and the name of the staff-only topic is exposed, 2) when deleted, some info is lost that is of use to staff, 3) I may not notice it and delete it.

Not sure if it’s worth doing something about. Maybe do a check for whispers and if the posts are all replies also make this split post a whisper?


I can reproduce this on https://try.discourse.org/. The split topic small-post is displayed for all users after moving a whisper to a protected category.


Just delete the message by pressing the trash icon? I don’t see need for any special one-off features here?