Moving Discourse from Subdomain to Subfolder

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14 Case Studies to back up the assertion that moving from subdomain to subfolder increases search traffic.

I have a root domain with better authority. Can I switch Discourse to a subfolder? :thinking:

Is there any specific issue? Please show me right way.

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On one Droplet, I want to keep like this …

Root Domain = WordPress
Subfolder = Discourse

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Just as a warning,
We keep listening this again & again but there have never been a real advantage of having a subfolder install.

It makes things complicated and difficult to manage

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I have a background in several scientific technologies so what I would consider to be significant data based on valid “case studies” may be much more demanding than all of the SEO “evidence” I have ever seen. I have yet to see any SEO evidence that convinced me that what Google representatives themselves have said is not correct.

Anyway, can an app be in a sub folder of another app? In many cases, sure. Potential pitfalls that come to mind are:

  • HTTP routing issues
  • filesystem path issues
  • naming clashes
  • dependency incompatibilities

When App1 and App2 are separate, if there is a problem with one the other will be unaffected. But when App1 and App2 are not separate, a problem in either can break both.

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I am afraid now. Thinking to discontinue this thought.

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Do not believe the SEO snake oil salesmen. :snake:

If you want traffic, generate interesting, useful content for a long period of time. Literally nothing else matters.

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Thanks for the honest response. :pray:

Thanks everyone.

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