Moving posts returns 502 bad gateway

The following commit should improve the performance and reduce the number of 502 errors.


It helps a lot!


I’m still seeing these errors, I’m afraid :frowning:

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Yep, still appears from time to time.

502 errors on moving 5 messages.

5 posts in a PM? That’s weird. Is this a standard installation on Digital Ocean? Which kind of droplet?

I tired to move 5 message from thread of 26 messages to thread with 200+ messages. 502!
Then I tried to move 2 of 2 messages to another thread with 1000+ messages. 502!

I do have standard Digital Ocean installation.
4 vCPUs / 8 GB Memory / 160 GB Disk + 200 GB / LON1

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@gerhard is this the expensive post topic number remapping work?

It could also be the updating of quotes that was added recently. There were no new reports of 502 errors until that was added. I’ll have a look. It’s probably time to move all the resource intensive work into a background job.

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