Moving to subdomain

(Crussells) #1


I’m a new discourse user, converted from phpbb, and I’m loving it, though modding is a bit trickier. I have a couple questions I was hoping to get a hand with;

My Discourse instance is running on a digitalocean droplet, and I unfortunately didnt have the foresight to put it on a subdomain such as, it’s currently at Would anyone know if its possible to move it on to a subdomain rather than having it on the root?

Assuming the above is possible, am I able to still host pages external to discorse on the same droplet? Such as a more traditional hope page with a link to the discorse? I presume so… would I just install LAMP on the droplet?

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(Bhanu Sharma) #2

Yes, it is possible, The amount of work depends upon how much active content you have. This migration may include some downtime as well.
I don’t know exactly about your setup but this guide can be a good reference for what you want:

You can do that, but it requires additional set of configuration to your droplet.
Here is a Guide for that:

That can be done but I’d recommend a LEMP stack instead (it makes things much easier)