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This is happening on my staging site as well, but I was able to just turn off the plugin in settings (accessing via safe mode) and I’m back to a working site. Ed, are you aware of their new update schedule policy? They will only be supporting conflicts with core for the first 5 days of the month, so you should not be updating your production site right now and expect fixes.


Thanks for the interest and feedback everyone.

As a general note please make sure you read the documentation for this plugin before you use it. Many questions are covered there. If you find a subject not covered there, let me know and I’ll add it.

You will also see a feature of this plugin in action when you visit the docs (if you’re a guest). The language switcher:

@eax Thanks for your feedback

Yes, as you deduced, this is the intention behind the content languages feature. I would recommend you leave it off in production for now (i.e. leave the site setting off), and test it in a contained environment first while you’re familiarising yourself with it.

Note that:

  • You can turn it on and off with the multilingual content languages enabled site setting
  • The content language filtering will only be applied if a user has selected a content language in their user settings.

Please read the full documentation on Content Languages here: Content languages - Multilingual - Pavilion

You can bulk-apply language tags via a server side operation like those described here. I would recommend you get help with that if you’re not comfortable with the command line and/or rails. The content languages feature is still in its early stages, so this is the primary way to set up an existing site to work with this feature, particularly a large site.

You can try the language detection feature of the Translator Plugin, paired with the multilingual translator content tag sync feature in this plugin to automatically apply language tags. Note that language detection via translator services are not free. Also this approach is experimental at this stage, particularly on large sites.

I just tested the Translator Plugin + Content Language sync approach on, which has only 77 posts currently. This is how I did it.

  1. Setup the Translator Plugin and this plugin, and turn on all the relevant settings for the sync to work. See further here: Content languages - Multilingual - Pavilion

  2. Run a rebake operation on the server to trigger language detection on all existing posts. See further here: Rebake all posts?.

  3. A portion of posts were automatically given a language tag.

This didn’t work for all topics and it didn’t work perfectly. It didn’t work on some topics with existing tags and it didn’t get it right in all cases. For example it thought this post was Russian: We'll have a whale of a time - Locations - Try Pavilion

The bigger issue was that a number of topics didn’t get a tag. This is an issue with the interplay between the bulk operations of the Translator plugin and the bulk operations of this plugin. I’ll try to refine this method of tagging existing posts with a content language in the next month or so to make this more feasible to adopt on existing sites without any technical help. I’ll also add a section of the docs on the subject once I’ve made some progress.

@Ed_Bobkov As @davidkingham helpfully mentions, Pavilion will only be updating our plugins to work with the very latest Discourse in the first week of every month.

However, to help out, I’ve made the change necessary for this plugin to work with the very latest Discourse. You can see it in action now on the latest Discourse at


Didn’t know about it. Thank you!


I don’t know if it’s a combinaison of plugin that caused my issue, but when I deactivated the plugin in the settings, I had an error 500, even with safe-mode on it was impossible to do anything.

If you come across this issue, don’t worry, go on the terminal, connect to your server and do these commands:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rails c
SiteSetting.multilingual_enabled = true

If you’re forum is back, do three exit commands to safely close terminal.

FYI - Plugin installed
      - git clone
      - git clone
      - git clone
      - git clone
      - git clone
      - git clone
      - git clone
      ## Non official
      - git clone
      - git clone
      - git clone

edit : is it safe to delete the Multilingual Disabled Content Tags tag group?

When I want to create a new topic, these tags appears first on the list, it’s not practical (although, I can be confused by tag settings sometimes, I may have missed something)


If possible, I’d love to take a closer look at your site to see what’s going on there (if you’re up for this PM me).

Yes, use the controls in the bottom right of that screenshot (which are added by the plugin).


Funny, using the bottom right button doesn’t do anything.

They can be deleted one by one, but I’ll send you my credentials so you can check a few things first. The plugin works well otherwise, so it’s not a big deal

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I’m seeking a way for my users to be able to read auto-translations of posts and replies.

I’ve installed both discourse-multilingual and discourse-translator plugins.

I have enabled everything for discourse-multilingual.

And I’ve enabled inline translations for discourse-translator, and added an Azure subscription key (key regenerated for this screenshot).

I limited multilingual languages to simplify things. But it’s complaining of “tag conflict” on everything I disabled, and I don’t know why (and clicking the links loads a 404 page).

And multilingual’s translations are empty, I don’t know why.

I also enabled all three user locale settings.

But nowhere do I see an option to translate other users’ content. No extra buttons, header, or footer.

What might I be missing?

I check the setting in a forum I’m working on, I used google api for translation but it’s working fine. My guess is nothing wrong with this plugin.

I can see two options :

  • the translation api can’t detect the language so can’t propose a translation. I would suggest posting a new topic in another language, very short
  • something wrong with the subscription key. You can check the /logs to see if something came up

But the tag conflict issue is weird, in my forum on latest version, everything works fine (there is an issue with the header/footer guest language switcher but it’s been reported). You should check the tags page (/tags) to see if something wrong on the content_languages tags and maybe update all tags in the tags groups page (/tag_groups)

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I use this plugin thanslate the category and subcategory name, it works fine,
but not works for the subcategory’s name when the subcategory display with boxes.


i notice that in the category-title-link.hbs, the code is :

<span class="category-name">{{dir-span}}</span>

and in the categories-boxes.hbs

<a class="parent-box-link" href={{c.url}}>
              {{#if c.read_restricted}}
                {{d-icon "lock"}}

how can i overriding the categories-boxes templates to make it works with boxes display?


I can’t get the point,
i don’t understand how the category name data obtained in categories-boxes and category-title-link this two components.
wha’t the different between those components in obtaining category name data.

i find it. modify the categories-boxes.hbs to this:

<a class="parent-box-link" href={{c.url}}>
        {{category-title-link tagName="span" category=c}}

just use this category-title-link this component as the category title, it works. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Hello, are there real examples of working forums using this plugin? I would like to grasp how it actually works.

Also I would like to understand if it is possible to direct users to different links for different languages


Is anyone else having issues with tags on current version of Discourse & Multilingual plugin?

It would be great if it were possible to pull out just the locale exclusion portion, as that is a requirement for my forum but I won’t be using the rest of the plugin.


Found the same issue. The plugin uses an old root for Tags. It was solved when I switched off the plugin.

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Hey guys, thanks for your patience.

@greves @Ed_Bobkov I’ve updated the plugin to accomodate the new tags route

The features are described in depth in the documentation, with examples:

If you have a specific question about one of the features described there, post in the relevant topic and I’ll follow up.


@angus, hello! How can I add a translation for a custom user fields?


In our discourse forum, we are using multilingual interface to select languages that is to be shown in user profile page. We are only showing selected languages in user profile page ie,

After selecting the above listed languages from multilingual interface and then clicking on ‘Save Changes’ button it is showing ‘Internal server error.’
but we found that data is stored in the database. But when we check after three days, it is found that last selected values are unselected from the multilingual interface. (/admin/multilingual/languages).
Only showing default values like English, French, Spanish, English UK. Not found any error log related to this. Anyone faced similar issue, Please give me a suggestion.

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Hey, I’ll be focusing on this plugin early next week and will address your question then :+1:

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Thank you for your response.

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