Multilingual Plugin 🌐

Is it possible to show only language A topics to language A users so that the other language B topics are hidden? I can’t find the setting.

Dear @angus @merefield and all, we need to update the yml files in our instance. Unfortunately removing the translations looks not possible: when we click on the Remove button nothing happens.

In the logs we found this error, not sure if it is related:
“Deprecation notice: DButton no longer supports @action as a string. Please refactor to use an closure action instead. [deprecation id: discourse.d-button-action-string]”.

We tried to wipe and and reinstall the plugin, but all the settings (translations included) are still there.
Can you please suggest how to proceed?
Thank you

Will take a look, thanks for the report.

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Thank you @merefield
In the meantime can you please suggest how to completely wipe the plugin settings in order to reinstall the plugin from scratch?

Multilingual is now broken, please do not attempt to use it if you upgrade.

The Good News? PR incoming:

I’ll let you know when merged.

@Davide_Montenovi1 this should fix your issues you’ve seen (and resolves another).


I’m really sorry Davide, I don’t have the time at present to come up with such a guide and test it thoroughly enough.


@Davide_Montenovi1 PR merged, can you please give that a whirl and provide any feedback?


hi @merefield , have you had the opportunity to look into it ?? :slight_smile:

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No and not likely to get to this anytime soon I’m afraid, but I will bear it in mind when I next focus on this plugin. Thanks for the report.


At the moment, the plugin has started to support the translation of category descriptions?

Yes that should be the case.

There are still a few issues with this plugin though and I’ve not had enough time to get to them.


It would be great to make the plugin stable soon


I confirm that the problem is solved. The plugin is working fine from my perspective: no complaints from the users and no evident issues at the moment (using it to translate categories, category descriptions and tags).
Thank you @merefield !


Is it technically difficult to make each language version of categories, topics and tags have its own URL?

Kind of moot. This plugin is in maintenance mode for the time being, so there will be no big feature changes for a while, but we do support the current feature set with best efforts.

If you need something else marketplace


Really appreciate that feedback, thanks. It’s very busy at Pavilion atm!

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Thanks for sharing your work. I have two questions that I hope you can help me out.

How can we disable multilingual plugin without breaking default language selector if that was modified before (modified spanish for example)?

If I disable the plugin then I can’t chose language anymore from admin on Discourse.

And what’s the purpose of the selector on categories? That’s supposed to do something?

I click it but it just don’t do nothing and it seems to be bugged?

What happens when you remove the plugin completely and rebuild?

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How can I install this plugin please ? is it like any other plugin ?
I didn’t succed to access the documentation :
When I try I have the following issue:

Thanks in advance for your kind support.


How can I export and recover my language without breaking the DB?

Then I can try to remove the plugin without setting up a language first.