Multiple Error Messages in Console

hello all,

I (and other Users) have been encountering a strange issue starting today. see console:

resulting in some components (icons, graphs, etc.) not rendering:

any thoughts on what could be causing this and how to debug??



I see the graphs on your site. If you can still reproduce the issue, please try with a different browser or from a different network.

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thanks @pmusaraj, it works from Safari.

is there anything I could to get it working from Chrome??

thanks again.

We’re seeing the same issue on a client site – Chrome and Firefox.

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One of my clients hosted by Discourse has the issue as well.


I’m experiencing this on my hosted instance as well. I’ve cleared cache, tried firefox and chrome – same errors in console that others have reported. Seems is the culprit – it blocks (or does not respond) to some requests. No issue with any other CDN server. After a hard refresh or two the requests go through.

Apologies, we are investigating this issue and will get it fixed shortly.

There is a bad resource cached on the CDN and we need to get a cache breaker out there. Hold tight.


We deployed a fix for the issue:

This is part of a big change @vinothkannans is working on. Historically Android erroneously reported incorrect cache usage size. The fix uses no opaque requests which end up being reported correctly.

However we need to expire our entire CDN cache when this change applies to avoid a situation where bad CORS settings (that exist now in the CDN) are served or cached on clients.

We reverted the change for now, but will make it again in the coming week with an extra cache breaker to avoid this issue.


thanks @sam & @vinothkannans for quickly addressing the issue, much appreciated.


Indeed, thank you Discourse team!

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