Multiple Image Upload

not sure if this is available or I just missed it ? is there a way for multiple image upload? coz when I select images it doesnt select multiple items

drag and drop feature works multiple uploading but on the image upload button it only accepts 1 image at a time

Is multiple select even allowed in the browser upload support? Do we know @zogstrip?

Doesn’t seem to be in Firefox anyway.

In Windows explorer I can ctrl-select or shift-select multiple folders / files

In the Discourse upload modal, not so

yes I mean on the Windows explorer it doesnt let me select multiple images, coz I usually do this on my wordpress platform, and yes in the discourse modal it not available

I view it as power-user feature only supported for drag & drop.

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I just tried on by adding the multiple attribute to the file input element and uploads worked. img elements for both were even automatically inserted.


nice so it means it just a matter of few tweaks in the code :smile:

If this is the case @zogstrip I don’t see much harm in including it…


Within sane total weight limits please. I like posting more than 1 image in a post at times, but making it easy to upload infinite could be a problem.

Not so bad if they’re a bunch of smilies, more so if they’re mega weight images

At least on there is already a warning when your files are too big:

Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is too big (maximum size is 3072kb)

Not sure what happens if you try to upload a ton of tiny images though.

I just found this grepping for “Sorry”

too_many_dragged_and_dropped_files: "Sorry, you can only drag & drop up to 10 files at a time."


Yeah technically you can drag & drop as many files as you want but I’ve hard-coded the limit to 10.

Considering I just recently saw a topic here where a member posted 28 (relatively large) screen captures in the OP, 10 at a time seems more than fair.

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Ok, it’s now official :turtle:

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