Multiple Users posting under same User or Group name?

We’re just setting up our first Discourse forum and the question came up if it is possible to have multiple users (admins) posting in the forum under the same name (no matter if user name or group name).

If have already created a new group and added the users that will be in charge of answering questions in the different threads. Instead of posting under their individual name they should all be named “Admin” or “Moderator” or whatever. Something general.

Is there a way to achieve this?

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Hello there @SchweizerSchoggi welcome to Discourse meta :smile:

I would say that this is possible in two ways

  1. You create a new account and grant it whatever permissions you need. You can share the login info with that group?

  2. Use this plugin


Hi Ondrejj
Thank you for your quick response!
The plugin sounds just perfect, but I am not sure how to install it.
In Admin PLUGINS I see a lot of already installed plugins but no option to upload or use another one.

Can you help?

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No worries. If you are self hosted have a look at this guide

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Good morning Ondrejj
Unfortunatly we are not self hosting, we’re using Discourse hosting. So there is no chance to install this plugin, right?

And for your other idea, a shared login:
Wouldn’t one user block the others when he is logged in? Or can two or even three users work in parallel with the same account?


Yes that is correct. However this depends what plan you are on for example lets say you were on enterprise hosting plan you can get the team to install custom and unofficial plugins. (Additional fees would apply)

That is a good question. I’ll admit I didn’t think of that before posting. For example you couldn’t have that user posting at the same time.

My only recommendation would be as you were saying is to create a support group and give the users a flair or title so when they post it looks like this. So even if you have different users posting they will know it is support?


Thank you for this confirmation Ondrejj. Yes, I have added a general title (simply our company name) for the members of the group as well as the company logo as user icon.

It will now read
User name - Company name

So it’s pretty clear it’s an “official answer” :slight_smile:

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