Multisite Installation

(Juliette Culver) #1

I’m trying to get a multisite installation of discourse working with a different domain for each site and I’m getting a bit confused by the instructions Multisite configuration with Docker

I’ve seen all the warnings about this being an advanced topic and fully confess that I’d never used docker before installing Discourse. On the other hand, I still need to get it working if we’re going to use Discourse regardless of my lack of docker expertise :slight_smile:

I’ve got a single site installation up and running. The instructions talk about copying a pasting a new hooks section into the app.yml file (I think?) and talk about amending the host_names node in multisite.yml. I’m confused about where the multisite.yml file comes from? Do I need this in addition to the app.yml file? Also once I’ve got these files do I need to do a rebuild or something or will it all work automatically?

(Oleg Bovykin) #2

You should add host_names to your app.yml. I got confsed too. Also, please make a backup of your installation before starting to play with multisite.

(Juliette Culver) #3

So I just need the one app.yml file? No multisite.yml file? (and thanks for the reminder about backing up! had done so but would have been easy to forget!)

(Erick Guan) #4

Yes. No matter what the filename it is. app.yml with sufficient configuration addition would get your multisite running.

(Oleg Bovykin) #5

And please check YAML syntax. With separated postgres, redis and web containers I got messed up with YAML syntax. It was ok for linter, but didnt worked. So I needed to restore from backup.