Quick access to list of tracked / watched / muted topics?


I’d like to be able to check which topics I have as tracked / watched / muted, so I can take action on one or some of them to change that state. Is this possible somehow?


Discourse’s search is one of its most awesome features. Click the search icon (or type /) and click the “options” link.

There you can see that you can add in:watching or in:tracking to any search you like.

It does not appear that you can search muted topics. (I suppose that might be useful if you want to find some topic that you muted by mistake?) If you can make a compelling use case for that, you could submit a feature request, though you can get the list of muted topics on your Preferences page.


Thanks, it did not occur to me to use search for that, nice! Still, I think direct access through the user profile topics/posts selector could be useful. And a link for muted topics list is actually available on the profile prederences, below the watched/tracked category preferences. Could be on the same selector. I’ll suggest. Thanks again!


Tracked/watched was answered but what about muted?

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There is a link on the Preferences section that takes you there on your instance.


Thanks - just what I was looking for.

I know this is a bit of a rare case, but I would love to be able to mass unmute topics. We have had our forum for quite a while, and recently (about a year ago) I has hired by the company. Well, back when I was just a mod, I muted any topic I didn’t want to deal with (including muting some catagories).

Now, however, there’s a lot of topics I should be paying attention to, that I just miss because at some point I had them muted. The thing is, the list of potential topics that I would need to open up is somewhere upwards of 500. I really don’t want to do that by hand.

I know this is a couple of years too late, but as a hosted customer in exceptional cases such as this we can run a script to mass unmute for you. Just contact @team


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