Muted topics still notifying me on Meta

I just noticed on Meta a bug where muting a topic is still sending me notifications about the topic. Upon looking into this specific case, it’s even stranger.

Here’s the scenario:

  • I am “Watching” the plugin category. I started getting email notifications about this topic: Discourse Voting
  • I don’t want to receive notifications on this topic, so I muted it.
  • I’m still receiving notifications :sadpanda:
  • Stranger still, I can’t see the topic listed on the plugin category page at plugin - Discourse Meta

What’s going on? :confused:

Is this a recategorization issue? Check the history on the first post (pencil icon at upper right of it), was that topic recategorized?

Could also be subcategory vs. category issue.

If a topic is muted it should be properly muted, going to check this out on local got it bookmarked.

It looks like it is muted correctly:

My gut feel is telling me:

  1. posts were made, notification was queued
  2. @jesselperry muted it but has notify me even when I am on the site checked
  3. we don’t do a second test to check if it is “really” muted 10 minutes later

EDIT I think this confirms my gut feeling

@codinghorror when ticked that help text is MIGHTY confusing, will hide it if it is ticked … cause … ouch


Mixed message begone

Bug not fixed quite yet.


Is this a related issue: Count still appears in the window tab for individually muted topics.

Full post: Muting Topics - Meta - Online Go Forum