Muting notifications based on trust level / account age

This is a feature I feel has been very lacking for a little while now.

On a lot of communities, especially if you’re a more active member, people looking to level up usually try liking a lot of posts. This usually results in bumping or unnecessary notifications on the users end.

Personally, I like having my notifications on “always”, but low ranked members creating noise trying to level up quickly isn’t exactly ideal. Adding a simple drop down saying “Mute notification from trust levels below…” would likely solve this small issue.

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Muting new users seems antisocial, but that’s not exactly what you are describing. It kinda seems like the root of the problem is that new users don’t understand the way Trust Levels work on DIscourse. It’s really only the jump from TL2 to TL3 that requires more than liking one post. 30 likes over 100 days (for TL2 => TL3) doesn’t seem all that noisy.

You can also adjust the notifications for like to be “Never” or “First time a post is liked”. (Admins can change the default for users as well.) “First time a post is like and daily” is the default, but I can image that getting noisy for people who have really popular posts.

This isn’t as much of an issue as it is on some other sites. On a couple of sites there are approval systems or another few where you have to be level 1 to post. When these types of sites exist and get popular, people start spreading rumors like “if you like a lot of posts you’ll level up”. I’m not going after any site in specific, this is just my viewpoint from using multiple sites over the past few years.

This is likely the root cause of the issue. I haven’t used discobot in a bit, but from what I remember it doesn’t go into detail about trust levels, nor is it entirely required to complete it at all. Even if it were, nobody will make you pay attention to what it says.