What is a Notification exactly?


When I Mute a user, suppressing all notifications from this user, what does this stops happening exactly?

My guess it that:

  1. when following a thread, I won’t get a notification that a muted user has posted in that thread, but will i see that post?
  2. If that user likes my post I won’t get notification either.
  3. in my Notification list, I won’t see any notification from that user
  4. anything else?

Will I still see posts from this Muted user?
Will this user be able to send me Private Messages? In our Community this would be very handy as opposed to a blanket ban on all Private Messages ( I understand that this would not work for others. I believe that it is good to have the option thought.)





Yes, you will not receive notifications but the posts will be visible

Nope, if a muted user try to send you a message he/she will see this warning

Sorry, {%username} is not accepting messages at the moment.


Fantastic, thanks for the clarification.

I’ll let my users know.

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