My fall and return on Discourse

Hello Discourse!

If you don’t me, I’m the creator of a social media app and website powered by the incredible Discourse platform. I abandoned the startup when I was downright completely hopeless - both on finding success on my app as well as my life/mental health. I deleted my website, my server, and my apps off iOS and Android. I removed most mentions of me and the app on the web, too. All the excruciatingly hard work I poured in for ~12 hours a day felt wasted and forgotten. I felt like a complete failure.

I was an avid Discourse user and enthusiast, trying to engage as much as I could and finding ways we can implement features and QoL changes to improve this already polished platform. It’s been over a year since I’ve been gone and the other day I got an email from a former user of my app asking me what had happened to it all. It was a very eye-opening moment and I was in a flurry of nostalgia. I think it may have helped resurrect my passion for this again.

I believe I downloaded a backup of the app in which I will use as a basis for the next site I may make. I just hope it isn’t too late.

Thank you for reading, I honestly don’t know where this fits on this forum but man it felt great coming off my chest. Be safe! :grin:


I remember you. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that things are improving and thanks for having the courage to share. It’s a crazy world out there at the moment and we gotta look after each other!


Oh @nexo I noticed your disappearance and so sorry you’ve been through some troubles! (I tried to message you after fixing a TLP bug you had raised. :). )

“Failure” is an opportunity to learn. Discourse sites take years to mature and there is no guarantee of success.

I wish you the best with your next project or the resurrection of your existing one which I’m sure will benefit from your experience! Keep persevering, pushing past obstacles and experimenting!


I really do wish you luck on your next adventure. I hope that it is more successful! :slight_smile:


If you didn’t learn anything from 12 hours/day, then maybe it was wasted. I have a feeling that you did learn a lot from those hours you invested. It wasn’t a waste, it just didn’t turn out the way you hoped it would. So go a slightly different route. One will lead to the finish line. :wink:

I hope so! :pray:
Best of luck to you.


welcome back :partying_face:


Hi Alex,

I was a big fan of Quemuse when it was still around. It served as the motivation for me to conceptualize my own social network based on Discourse. :grinning:

Other than this community, I haven’t been able to find any other way to contact you. A while back, you deleted your entire social media presence (excluding LinkedIn, but I was hesitant to contact you through there). I’m extremely interested in sharing my ideas with you, but I don’t know your email address. Do you have one that I could respond to?

Thanks in advance!


Yeah, far from it.

Thank you so much for replying! :pray:


Those very insightful posts were unfortunately after Quemuse’s tenure. I would just create a topic on something that would help me with the vision of my site and usually that sparked some light bulbs.


Oh, yes. I’m aware of that. I just thought you might take an interest to them. :slight_smile:

One thing I did want to ask: Would you be interested in collaborating with us? The scale of the project will definitely require more than one individual.

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