My forum goes offline after removing https

I would suggest rebooting the VM a few times to make sure the uninstall takes. Then if the rebuild still fails, pay for help.

Sometimes things in the Unix world gets wacky and you need a guru to resolve it.

Or just take backup and reload on a new VM.


If there is a recent backup, this could be a good solution.

how to take backup when I have no admin access on Discourse.
Is there any other way.

I am trying now by removing plugins and taking a look at the DNS.
But if there will be the DNS error, May be it will shows us regarding this.

It seems there is not any affect on the forum during rebuilding process.

Means, Earlier, during rebuilding process, forum goes down but not offline.
But this time, it still as it as like nothing is affecting that.

Everything is same to same.

Looks like your forum’s back up to me:

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Shit, Deleting Plugins also didn’t work

More worst thing is that…it is not showing any error now in log

Really, It’s not running to me :expressionless:

In your browser’s address bar, is it saying https:// or does it show your site as non-secure (notice how, in my screenshot, there’s an x-ed out padlock).

Yup, notice how your screenshot has the green HTTPS padlock and mine doesn’t. Apparently, you used to have https working, but it’s not working any more.

Does your /var/discourse/containers/app.yml file have anything related to LetsEncrypt in it? Or, more importantly, did you remove anything related to LetsEncrypt while you were disabling all the plugins?


Ohh, you are right. After using http:// instead of https:// it starts working on my side also.

I think, I removed LETSENCRYPT yesterday. Now installing again.
Hope, everything will work fine.

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Why not just run the setup wizard agan in the terminal?

I did that many times.


What it means because after reading this line…I delete these both line from the here.

In the YML files, comments start with the # sign and extend to the end of the line. This means that this line (#- "templates/web.ssl.template.yml") will be ignored. Uncommenting the line means removing the #, changing it to (- "templates/web.ssl.template.yml"). This causes the code to actually be read, enabling the web.ssl template and turning letsencrypt on.


@burningman, looks like everything is operational again? It was due to trying to uninstall LetsEncrypt?


Yup, it’s working again. Thanks for your help.